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This is a great novella by renowned author Ella Frank, and all you have to do is click this link! No purchase necessary, obviously.

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In case you need more incentive, here’s the blurb:

“Tyler and Connor couldn’t be more different if they tried.
One man is gay. The other is straight. Yet the moment they met in college they knew they’d be forever linked.

After years of friendship, growing pains, and heartaches, they have grown into two men, each looking for their place in the world. And when they head off on a road trip to a family wedding, they are stunned to discover that sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you take an unexpected turn.”

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy this sexy, steamy story by the author of The Temptation Series (Try, Take, Trust, Tease & Tate).

Gay Erotica Short Story: Announcing Where Will Keith Go Next?

Where Will Keith Go Next?

I’ve had a blast writing the next gay erotica installment of Keith’s journey to orgasmic bliss!


gay erotica short story

Keith is now eighteen, about to graduate from high school. He’s successfully confirmed to himself that yes, he prefers guys to girls. But the path to gay fulfillment is rocky.

He’s watched lots of gay porn so he knows how it all works. He also has a willing partner. So nothing can possibly go wrong, right? Right?!?

Where Will Keith Go Next? is a funny as it is sexy. Definitely not for the under 18s, and my own kids aren’t going near it until they’re 35. At least. Just saying, lol.

The story is available on Amazon.

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Excerpt of Where Will Keith Go Next?

Here’s an excerpt from the story. I’ve tried to keep it as Safe for Work as possible…

“I’m so sorry,” I finally managed to say.

The look of devastation on Nathan’s face made my chest clench. I tentatively stepped closed and pulled him into a hug. He grabbed me tight, bent down and hid his face against my shoulder. We held on just for a moment while he breathed great shuddering gasps in an effort to calm down. Eventually, he moved back.

“Thanks,” he said quietly, before splashing some cold water onto his red face.

“No problem,” I replied. I recognized the expression in his face because I felt the same way. Understanding why he had acted the way he had. Relief that we’d talked, and that we could move on now. Just before we left, he turned around and kissed me hard.

I gasped in surprise, and the fucker slipped his tongue into my mouth so quickly, it was more a flicker than a touch. And just like that, my dick jumped to attention. Goddamnit, now I had to sit in class with a massive boner. He grinned at me, and walked out before I could complain. Looked like we were back on again. I groaned, pressed down hard on my swollen— (Note from the author: ugh, I can’t find any other bits that aren’t too explicit for a general blog. You just going to have to read the story…)

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How Fricking Awesome is Amsterdam!

Over the summer, I had the privilege of staying in a house in Van Breestraat, Amsterdam, very close to the Museum District.

Balcony Amsterdam

Every morning, I sat on a tiny, second floor balcony, sipping my cup of black tea. Below me, the occasional cyclist passed by, a man in a snazzy suit, balancing a toddler on the back and the front of his bike. An elderly lady, dressed in a red skirt and high heels, texting as she cycled.

In the tall trees lining the street, green parrots, screeching like banshees, dive-bombed pigeons.

In the height of summer, the temperature never rose above a balmy twenty-four degrees. Amsterdam is famous for its rain, but honestly, there are so many shops, bars and coffeehouses, I barely registered the damp!

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Many years ago, I visited San Francisco. To this day, I remember the golden Californian light bathing the city, the spray of the ocean in the park, the breathtakingly (literally!) steepness of the hills.

What remains with me most was the friendliness of the people. We were only there for a week but in that time, we were invited to house parties, met total strangers who helped us with suggestions, maps, and even equipment. It’s hard to describe but there was a feeling of laissez-faire, culture, acceptance, that I have not found in many other places.

Cue: Amsterdam

Amsterdam doesn’t have the light. Far from it. It’s pretty, well, grey. But it has the most amazing architecture and canals. It’s nick name is “Venice of the North”, without the smell and the unbearable weight of tourism.

What it does have in common with San Francisco is the incredible acceptance and live-and-let-live attitude. People are so friendly, it’s unreal. Especially if you live in Germany where people are generally grumpy and sour-faced. Staying in Amsterdam for a week was balm for my bruised soul, lol.

Homosexuality was made legal in Amsterdam in 1811. Think about this. Eighteen Eleven. 35 years after the US Independence, Amsterdam was more advanced than the entire Trump administration.

Today, you walk through the streets and parks, and everywhere are men arm-in-arm and women holding hands. I can’t describe the joy of seeing people expressing their love for each other without fear of reprisal. I’m sure there are bigots in Amsterdam as well, but I did not see any. All I saw was acceptance and normality.

Check out this Wikipedia entry on LGBT+ rights in the Netherlands; it’s humbling reading if you live in a place where homophobia is rife.

Amsterdam Canal Pride

Unfortunately, we missed the Canal Pride Parade. I’ve scheduled it in for next year, first weekend in August. We did have the privilege to walk in the Pride Walk which was amazing. The participants carried placards with pictures of members of the community worldwide who lost their lives or were imprisoned because of their sexuality. Talk about emotional whiplash—one minute laughing with drag-queens, the next I had tears in my eyes because of the inhumanity of religious bigots and political criminals, committing horrendous deeds against the LGBT+ community.

Here’s a video of the Canal Parade, at least. Next year, it’ll be my own footage, I promise!


And if you haven’t yet, pick up your free, very sexy short story!

Announcing When Did Keith Turn Gay?

The First Part in a New Gay Romance Series

gay romanceKeith is a really cool dude. He’s seventeen, about to turn eighteen. For the longest time he’s had no interest in girlfriends, and a chance remark by his brother sets the gears in his brain spinning.

Keith is a smart kid, willing to experiment. His first attempts are inconclusive, but when his friend gets in on the act, so to speak, the reason for Keith’s disinterest in girls becomes painfully evident.

When other boys in high school realize what’s up with Keith, things take a turn for the worse. Good thing his friend is sticking with him, right? Right?

When Did Keith Turn Gay? is a love story between two teenage boys. There’s a bit of angst and things aren’t resolved at the end of part one. The second story is coming soon, and the third by the end of the year.

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